Ferrari F430 Challenge (Hourly Rental)

Ferrari F430 Challenge (Hourly Rental)

$4,800 per hour.

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*Driver must hold a valid race license*

Have you considered racing a Ferrari F430 Challenge?  Let us make that dream a reality.

Simplifying the process and making the experience as truly turn key as possible.  Car Rental with Taurino Racing Includes the following:

  • Complete in-house track preparation by our highly-experienced race technicians
  • Vehicle and equipment transportation to the event
  • Maintenance and track-side support for the car during the event

All this is done to ensure you can simply arrive and drive with peace of mind and impeccable equipment.  Our team will make sure you have every tool necessary for a successful race weekend.

*Rental rates do not cover new tires, but we will provide good, used rubber on the car.  Race entry, additional tires, and driver accommodations will be the renters responsibility.

To learn more about renting this F430 Challenge or any other car, contact us here.


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