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Taurino Racing’s precision engine rebuilds are produced with attention and dedication as if they would face the demands of a 24-Hour endurance race.  Re-designed and/or upgraded components are used in addition to OEM parts in order to provide enhanced power and engine life whether used for racing or recreation. 

  • Seasoned engines are disassembled, and each component is carefully inspected.  Every cinematic component is replaced, regardless of engine miles or hours.
  • Exhaust and intake valves are the most stressed components in an endothermic engine.  Through the high demands of racing, Taurino Racing’s engineers have recognized sealing issues with stock Ferrari valves and in collaboration with one of the best valve manufacturers in Italy have designed an exact copy of the OEM valve with improved materials.  Using Nimonic non-magnetic steel for the stem and a unique alloy steel used in Formula 1 for the mushroom, the 2 parts of the valve are joined by extreme friction then forged to size.  A stellite (cobalt-chromium superalloy) report is used on the valve surface matching the valve seat, providing constant sealing at extreme temperatures.  This solution gives extreme reliability and performance at top power-bands and prolongs engine life.
  • Maintaining original cylinder bore sizes, new Ferrari OEM cylinder liners are installed in each precision rebuild providing factory specifications, reliability and high performance.  New OEM cylinder liners coupled with Taurino Racing’s improved piston designed in collaboration with Mahle (OEM supplier for Ferrari) not only restores the original power and performance of the engine but resolves the inherent cylinder liner ovalization and premature excessive oil consumption.
  • Taurino Racing’s engineers re-designed and  re-positioned new piston rings to avoid gas blow-back in the block and with the compression ring re-positioned, optimizes the thermal distribution at the top of the piston, reducing piston deformation and “whipping” effect in the liner, resulting in more power, reliability and torque.
  • Rotating components are thoroughly inspected and rebuilt; including water pump, oil pump, alternator, pulleys, etc.
  • All bearings, bushings, timing chains, and sprockets are replaced.
  • Camshaft phase variators are tested and replaced if  needed.
  • Fuel Injectors are tested and cleaned with a digital ultrasound machine or replaced if after the process they don’t meet factory specifications.

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