Taurino Racing actively participates in strategic partnerships with select drivers, teams , and/or organizations that share similar marketing objectives in order to promote the brand to specific target markets. Every potential sponsorship opportunity is analyzed in detail to ensure all involved parties share the same goals in order to mutually promote a long-term relationship.

For the 2019 season, Taurino Racing is sponsoring the International GT series and development test driver Giano Taurino.

Development driver Giano Taurino, with his professional karting experience, provides our team with important feedback on enhancements and improvements made to our vehicles. Starting at four years old, Giano now has over a decade of experience on the track. After making name for himself in the karting world, he now runs in the Shifter program. As the youngest driver in the program, he finished top 6 in 2018 in the florida winter tour competition. Next up, Giano is set to make waves in the world of challenge car racing, this year in the International GT series. With nothing but time on his side, we’ve still yet to see what this young racing driver can do.